Do you suffer from frequent headaches or migraines?

Are you constantly taking pills for head pain?

Would you like help from a specialist team to understand and achieve relief from your symptoms?

Cheyham Lodge is one of the few clinics in Surrey specialising in the expert management and treatment of headaches and migraines.

With a team of experienced clinicians and a specifically tailored selection of approaches, it is usually possible to either completely cure your headaches/migraines or at least significantly reduce their severity, duration or frequency.

What will treatment consists of?

This depends on the cause/causes of your headaches/migraines and which therapy or combination of therapies is most likely to achieve the best results.

On-site therapies include; osteopathy (cranial and structural), counseling/psychotherapy, EEG biofeedback, an exercise specialist, massage, homoeopathy (including herbal advice and emotional release techniques), acupuncture, and hypnotherapy. Expert nutritional analysis/ advice is available via referral if required.

Alternatively it may be that you are advised to seek further medical opinion and tests via your GP or an appropriate medical consultant.

I have already seen other doctors/therapists without success. How do I know you can help?

Firstly it is important to consider why previous treatment approaches have failed. Usually treatment failure in headache/migraine is multifactorial. A common pitfall is that the headache diagnosis is simply wrong, while other times the diagnosis is incomplete. Often patients suffer from more than one headache type, treating one headache type, while ignoring the other will lead to an incomplete treatment response.

It is also very common for underlying contributory factors to have been overlooked, resulting in poor success rates.

At Cheyham Lodge the initial consultation is two hours. By taking the time to obtain a detailed description and history of your headaches/migraines plus carrying out a thorough examination, many of these pitfalls can be avoided.

Also it is important to stress that we are not tied to any one type of treatment( unlike many other clinics) and more than one approach may be required to ensure long term relief from your headaches/migraines .

Did you Know?

• Headache sufferers account for 1/3 of chronic pain patients.

• Research has suggested headpain is secondary to neck disorder in 30% migraine & 50% of tension type headache.

• History of neck injury doubles the odds of headache.