I suffered with migraine for many years which showed themselves as dizziness ( so called vestibular migraine). It was a huge relief to see someone who could explain to me what was going on in a way that was easy to understand and with someone who took the time and answered all my questions. I’d seen many different consultants who never really explained to me in a way I could understand what was going on, which left me highly anxious and in turn made the migraines worse. I had three sessions and now come back occasionally for a top up, occasionally being yearly! If I do get any dizziness now it lasts one or two minutes and I do the breathing technique he taught me and it goes. Seeing Richard was the start of my recovery, I really had lost hope thinking I would be stuck with vestibular migraine. Now I can do things like watching tv, travelling in the car and going to a supermarket without any issues. He gave me self help tips to use as well which are invaluable. If anyone has issues with migraines vestibular or otherwise I would highly recommend visiting Richard at his migraine and headache clinic.
Samantha Tanner

Most people don’t immediately think that an osteopath can help them with a migraine. I suffered from migraines all through my 20s. They increased in frequency and got progressively worse. The most worrying in addition to the familiar headache, nausea and visual disturbances – was the paralysis down the left side of my face. Doctors prescribed tablets to take on onset, but no other treatment. Making sure I had my tablets with me was a constant concern.
During osteopathic treatment, the migraines stopped immediately with no on-going headaches or problems. Since my treatment, I have only had a handful of migraines in the last 15 years. If I ever hear of a colleague or relative suffering from migraines, I always ask if they have seen an osteopath. It is such a pain free way to be released from this debilitating condition.
Louise T Davies Deputy Chief Executive Ewell,Surrey

My daughters Lisa and Jennifer have both suffered with headaches and stress related issues, without Richard’s expertise in osteopathy and his ability to treat their backs, necks and heads, thus giving them the release from their reoccurring headaches and pain, their lives would be far from normal.
Keith Gooch , Reigate, Surrey

One morning I woke up to a barrage of flashing lights, stabbing pains and a servere headache. The A&E Doctor could not find anything wrong and sent me back to my GP, who recommended you. After only one visit there was a great improvement, now after 4 visits I have not had any stabbing pains or flashing lights – fingers crossed. I thank you again.
Mrs Linda Garrett

Visiting an osteopath wasn’t something I had considered to cure a headache but, after more than a year with constant pain which tablets and GP visits couldn’t address, I visited Mr Katesmark at Cheyham Lodge. In the first visit the problem was diagnosed as a result of a nose operation some years earlier. It took several visits using very gentle treatment, but the headache eased over this time and then disappeared completely. Each step of the treatment was discussed with me and explained clearly, didn’t hurt and was carried out very professionally, and I am still headache free years later.
Dina Tolton , Mitcham

I had suffered from almost continues headaches for 8 years. Desperately seeking various treatments from physio’s, osteopaths, and specialists. Finally I was recommended to see Richard by my GP, who had heard positive comments about his treatment for headache/migraine sufferers.

Following several sessions of treatment, I am so much better. The occurrences of my migraines have dramatically reduced, previously up to 2x a week, and lasting 2-3 days. I am now far more aware of the potential triggers of a possible attack, and my headaches have reduced to maybe one every 6 weeks depending on my lifestyle.
The frequency of treatment has now been reduced to once a month, this is sufficient to keep the situation under control.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard to fellow sufferers.
Nikki Rusbridge

‘I have suffered with headaches all my life, as soon as I was able to talk my mum said that I complained of pains in my head.  My parents took me to see various doctors including a Harley Street Specialist and a consultant at St Anthony’s hospital.  By the age of 8 I was having regular manipulations and physiotherapy.  I was also given a neck collar to wear for periods throughout the day.  My parents were concerned about the long term effects of the painful manipulations and physio so started to explore other treatment. I went to a chiropractor for a number of years but the treatment wasn’t improving my constant headaches and accompanying nausea. At the age of 21 I decided to visit Richard Katesmark.  For the first time I felt that someone understood the problem and that it was treatable.  Initially treatment was on a regular basis and involved the use of cranial osteopathy.  The headaches became less severe and less frequent, it was so amazing to be free of the constant pain and discomfort.  My headaches are so rare now that I only visit Richard if I need to.  Eradicating my headaches has changed my life, it’s good to be free of the headache pain and nausea that was so all consuming for me throughout my childhood.’
Zoe Harding

I had been suffering from painful and disorientating migraines for roughly 18 months before I heard of Richard Katesmark.  My doctor had prescribed many different migraine remedies, both to treat the symptoms but also preventive medicines, but their effect was transitory and limited.
I visited Mr Katesmark for treatment as a last resort, because the migraines were becoming increasingly debilitating, and it seemed to me that they were with me continuously.
That was two and a half years ago and following a short course of treatment I have only had to resort to strong medication on two occasions since then.  I entirely put this down to the treatment I received, and I would freely and strongly recommend Mr Katesmark to anyone in a similar situation. I found Mr Katesmark to be a highly professional and intelligent man who seemed to take a great deal of care to offer a treatment that was specific to my need, based on me as an individual.  I also find him most approachable and considerate.
Lesley Loughlin (Reigate, Surrey)