Once again evidence from modern imaging techniques of the brain in migraine sufferers are revealing intriguing results. In this case the research was into why migraineurs are frequently sensitive to light & sound.

The study was published in the March 10 issue of Neurology.

Using functional fMRI, researchers looked at areas of the brain responsible for processing vision and hearing. They found that in those migraine patients with sensitivity to light & sound had distinct differences in the way these areas of the brain were connected up/communicating . Basically there were exaggerated/heightened links between these brain areas; notably these were present even during periods when the patient was migraine free.

This provides further evidence that Migraineurs brains are working differently even during pain free periods. However whether they are born with these differences or whether the changes are a result of the recurrent migraines is still unknown.
My personal feeling is it is probably a bit of both.


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