I have already discussed the possible links between migraine & low Vit D levels ( see winter Migraines below ). A possible Link between low Vit D & chronic headache has now been suggested.

Researchers from the University of Eastern Finland have now published a study investigating the relationship between vitamin D status and the risk for frequent headache.[1]
They assessed 2601 men, aged 42-60 years in 1984-1989, from a population-based cohort derived from the Kuopio Ischemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study.
They made cross-sectional associations of self-reported frequent headache, defined as weekly or daily headaches and blood vitamin D levels.
In those with frequent headache, the average serum vitamin D concentration was 38.3 nmol/L; while in those without frequent headache, the average vitamin D concentration was 43.9 nmol/L.
Those in the lowest serum vitamin D quartile had 113% higher odds for frequent headache compared with those in the highest quartile.
The authors concluded that low serum vitamin D concentrations are associated with a markedly higher risk for frequent headaches in men.

Richard Katesmark suggests reading below post on winter migraines for further advice & info on importance of Vit D.

Added Sept 2017 -Post script; Yet another bit of research ( this time from India ) has found that Patients suffering from chronic tension type headaches are more likely to have low blood levels of Vit D than non-headache controls.


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