You Are Not Alone!

In the UK it is estimated that at some point in their life up to 70% of the population are affected with head pain and up to 18% with migraines. Yet despite this, very few clinics exist which specialise in helping the sufferers of this debilitating condition. Hence our decision to set up the Cheyham Lodge Headache & Migraine Clinic.

Richard Katesmark’s interest in head pain started over 28 years ago ever since he suffered for two years with a constant headache, which eventually was cured by an Osteopath treating his lower back.

Since qualifying at the British School of Osteopathy in 1987 he has been treating headache patients and over the years has made contact with numerous other experts who share his determination to help those whose lives are blighted by this common condition. These experts include Consultant Neurologists, Acupuncturists, Homeopaths, Psychotherapists, Nutritionists and Exercise Specialists.

Their combined experience in clinical practice has taught them that different people with different headaches require different treatment.

This would seem to be obvious but it’s frequently forgotten in a busy GP or Hospital Clinic when there may only be a few minutes to make a diagnosis and decide on a treatment, which is usually the prescription of one pill or another.

Finding the Cause or Causes

Clearly this is fundamental in searching for the cure. Therefore, an extensive, detailed case history needs to be taken and a thorough examination carried out.

In addition it may be necessary to fill in further questionnaires or supply other information at a later date. Other clinical tests may also sometimes have to be organized. All of this takes time and here at Cheyham Lodge your initial consultation may take up to two hours, but this is time well spent. All the information is then collated before discussing treatment/management.

In order to find an effective treatment you first need to find the cause of your headache/migraine ! FOR POSSIBLE CAUSES AND HEADACHE CLASSIFICATIONS CLICK HERE